02 September 2012


A seeker came to a crossroad.
One road had a sign that read: Practice!
The other had a sign that said: Investigate!

The seeker stood there undecided which one to take.
Then he saw a dusty traveler sitting by the roadside,
he approached him, but before he could ask, the
traveler said, "Walk both at the same time!"

"Is that possible?" asked the seeker.

"Yes it is. I did it years ago."

"Where did that take you?"

"Right back here, where I sit."

"If that is the case, why walk?
I might as well sit here next to you now."

"You don't understand, these roads don't
take you somewhere, they wear the "I" out of you,
when you return you are "no one", and anywhere
you are not, Paradise is.

Pete Sierra